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Gold Medal from Chief Minister

The gold medal was received in 2018 for traditional folk arts, where the award is given to the state-level gold medalist (first place).

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Anushapavithra.A, a master of Allegra ACT Academy, achieved the Guinness World Record for performing the bridge pose in yoga simultaneously is 1,281.

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Government Award from Minister

The Kalai Ilamani award was received in 2016-17 for traditional folk arts, with the honor bestowed by the honorable minister S.P. Velumani.

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The record for performing Hula Hoop rotations around the hip for 60 seconds, achieving 216 rounds, was accomplished by Master Anushapavithra.

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World Record holder

The record is awarded for performing 2 hours of non-stop Karagam dance on nails, utilizing 35 properties, achieved by Master Anushapavithra.

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Naatupura Kalaimagal Award

The award for inspiring women of 2020 was received by Master Anushapavithra.A, master of Allegra ACT Academy.

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